A Proven Way to Find Your North Star

Skills Studio designed a framework to "unlock your resourcefulness"

The late and inspirational Sir Ken Robinson said, "Education and training are the keys to a fulfilling future. Turn the key one way and you lock-up resources; turn it the other way and you unlock your resourcefulness".

Skills Studio designed a framework to "unlock your resourcefulness", a series of experiential learning programs delivered across 7 themes. Each theme is 14-hours of experiential learning that can be scheduled across about 8-weeks or as a 2-day intensive workshop.

Skills Studio Framework is comprised of nine essential skills that are shown in this matrix.

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To be entrepreneurial, to know how to analyze problems, and to be creative in devising solutions. To consciously self-manage, to act with resilience, and to understand how to leverage collaboration. To appreciate that being a good listener deepens knowledge, that writing is a powerful tool, and ultimately, that we must all learn the art of persuasion.

These essential skills can be taught on a mix-and-match, by row, column or an individual skill basis or as seven distinct workshop programs. The nine skills and seven themes equip people with the full range of skills needed for success in the 21st century.

Skills Studio designed a framework based on 7 key themes of skills development. Copyright 2021 Greg Twemlow

About the Author:

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Greg Twemlow is a Sydney-based Social Enterprise Founder | Startup Mentor | CEO | Writer | Speaker | Designer at the Skills Studio


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