• Learner-Powered Assessment©


    SKILLS STUDIO's education innovation transforms a formula-based process designed for the average student into an individualized assessment, with motivation and success measurements tailored for every participant. The Studio comprises three interdependent components.
    1. A pedagogical model defining nine crucial life skills
    2. At the heart of the Studio is an experiential Learner-Powered Assessment© tool. It's an engaging, social, and inspiring method of assessing skills and a platform for lifelong personal growth.
    3. nine proven high-impact experiential learning programs
    The Learner-Powered Assessment process is formative for the learner. It's a tool that empowers people to become conscious of their skills profile and fully engaged in their skills development roadmap.
    Assessment should not be something that happens to you. Instead, it's something that you own and drive. It's your comeback when a job interviewer asks that perennial question, "tell me about your weaknesses" you bring out YOUR skills assessment profile.
    Each of the nine skills in the pedagogical model has three behavioral traits. Assessment is based on the extent to which the learner demonstrates the traits.
    Learner-powered assessments enable people of all ages to discover their interests - a vital aid in planning how to navigate life.
    The Skills Studio epitomizes education innovation.
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    Skills Studio Formative Assessment Tool designed by Greg Twemlow

    1. A carefully constructed assessment instrument designed to help individuals reflect on their skills profile. The output comprises a person’s score on nine major traits, 27 sub-traits, and seven themes.

    2. The Assessment Instrument is valuable for individuals to reflect on their skills profile and can be highly effective in team settings where team members assess each other to know how colleagues view each other's skills profile.

    3. Well-designed measures of personality and skills traits like the Skills Studio Assessment Tool can predict highly consequential outcomes, including enabling a roadmap of learning and refining key skills.

    About Formative Assessments: a tool to identify misconceptions, struggles, and learning gaps along the way and assess how to close those gaps. It includes effective tools for helping to shape learning and can even bolster students’ abilities to take ownership of their learning when they understand that the goal is to improve learning, not apply final marks. It can include students assessing themselves, peers, or even the instructor, through writing, quizzes, conversation, and more. In short, Formative Assessment occurs throughout a class or course and seeks to improve student achievement of learning objectives through approaches that enable the conscious reflection of behavior.